Gasket Fabrication

gasket fabricationFB Wright has a variety of fabrication equipment to service your gasket requirements. We have equipment to fabricate from 1 gasket to 1 Million gaskets depending on your needs. Here is a sample of our fabrication equipment:

  • Atom Flashcut Programmable knife cutters
  • Atom large platen 77 ton die cutting press
  • Atom Programmable traveling head press
  • USM traveling head clicker press
  • Samco swing arm clicker press
  • CNC plastic router
  • 5 axis waterjet
  • Laser cutter

Our fabrication department’s capabilities also include rubber slitting, PSA lamination, gluing, chutes, pads, custom o-rings, and more.

Plastic fabrication on our CNC Router includes many stock types of plastic. The most commonly fabricated materials include UHMW, Delrin, Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, Nylon, Polyethylene, Phenolic, Lexan, and Acrylic.

Hose Assembly

hose assemblyFB Wright offers a variety of hose assembly options from Hydraulic, Rubber, Welded Metal, Composite, PTFE, and more.

FB Wrights’ hose assembly fabricator is certified to the NAHAD Industrial Hose and NAHAD Hydraulic Hose certifications.

The FB Wright Aeroquip Hose Express Center is available in our Dearborn location for custom hose assemblies while you wait.

Hose pressure testing available per order requirements.

Crimped Industrial hose assemblies available from 1/4″ to 4″.

Clamped industrial hose up to 12″.

welded metal hose assembliesWelded Metal Hose Assemblies

FB Wright offers metal hose and welded metal hose assemblies when a rubber hose is not practical. Many different types of metal hose are available depending on the application. Criteria to consider is pressure, flexibility, and chemical compatibility.

Corrugated metal hose is an excellent choice for high pressures and is gas tight. This hose is commonly used for gas and liquid transfers.

Stripwound metal hose, although not gas tight, is excellent for an open ended exhaust hose, transferring dry bulk materials, and as a guard over other types of hoses.


FB Wright offers many types of Urethane products. Urethane has many valuable qualities including its resistance to wear, abrasion, solvents, cuts, and tearing. Urethane can be cast, molded, or machined to tight tolerances. It can be made to any point on the durometer scale from very soft to rock hard, including dual durometer parts. Urethane is available in a wide variety of colors. We specialize in covering rollers with various urethane compounds and hardnesses depending on the application. These include drive rollers, coater, idler, pinch, pulleys, guide, paint and more.

Molded Rubber

FB Wright can provide molded rubber parts to your specifications. Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Natural Rubber, and more. Compounds certified to Military specifications and FDA standards are available.

Injection Mold

We have the capabilities to so small and large runs available based on requirements from one piece to one million pieces.

Value Added Services

value added servicesFB Wright offers many different value added services for our customers. Here are just a few:

  • Consignment Inventory
  • Stock and Release Programs
  • Contract Pricing
  • Kitting
  • Engineering
  • EDI
  • PPAP Capabilities
  • Government Delegate Status


FB Wright provides delivery services on many orders to provide quick delivery of your order while saving you money on freight costs. Inquire about FB Wright delivery services on your next order!