Urethane & Custom Fabrication


urethaneWe offer many types of Urethane products. Urethane has many valuable qualities including its resistance to wear, abrasion, solvents, cuts, and tearing. Urethane can be cast, molded, or machined to tight tolerances. It can be made to any point on the durometer scale from very soft to rock hard, including dual durometer parts. Urethane is available in a wide variety of colors. We specialize in covering rollers with various urethane compounds and hardnesses depending on the application. These include drive rollers, coater, idler, pinch, paint and more. We also cover many types and sizes of guide and pulley wheels.

We stock 85 durometer red urethane sheet in thicknesses from 1/16″ to 1/4″.

Urethane is the product of choice for many custom fabricated parts where wear and abrasion resistance is required.

Molded Rubber

We can provide molded rubber parts to your specifications. Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Natural Rubber, and more. Compounds certified to Military specifications and FDA standards are available.

FSD Insulation Bushing

Introducing FSD nylon zytel 101 molded bolt insulation bushing for welding fixtures.

  • Prevents weld arc and premature welder misfire
  • Completely insulates the fastening bolt
  • Steel washer molded inside the cap allows higher torque values and superior bolt retention
  • Replaces Micarta, fiberglass and red fiber washers
Part #Available Sizes
HE-705-571/4" socket head bolt
FSD-151355/16" socket head bolt
FSD-150573/8" socket head bolt
FSD-150581/2" socket head bolt

We stock several FSD parts including FSD-15057, FSD-15058, FSD-15135 insulator bushings. We also have inventory on the FSD-5555 and FSD-5919 Flash Shields. Mushroom Knobs in varying sizes are on the shelf including FSD-9213, FSD-9213A, and FSD-9214.