Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose is used in a wide variety of industrial applications where steel pipe is not feasible. It's flexibility allows the user the option of routing around obstacles. It is the material of choice where vibration is an issue.

Hydraulic Hose is available with a variety of tube and cover materials depending on your application. The typical pressure ranges are from suction lines to 10,000 PSI hydraulic applications.

As an Eaton Premier Partner, FB Wright specializes in sales, service, and support of the Eaton-Aeroquip Hydraulic hose product line. Beginning with our Aeroquip Express Store in our Dearborn Location, FB Wright fabricates hose assemblies while you wait. We are a leading distributor and fabricator of Aeroquip's MatchMate Plus, AQP, and HI-PAC product lines. Many types of fittings are available including through the cover (TTC) and reusable fittings.

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Selecting the correct hose for your application is critical and we recommend using the STAMPED method:

  • Size: Inside diameter of hose
  • Temperature: External and Internal temperature of the application
  • Application: Where is the hose going including configuration and movement
  • Media: What will the assembly be exposed to both internally and externally
  • Pressure: What pressure will the hose experience (positive or negative) including pressure spikes
  • Extras: Fittings, clamps, high temperature insulation, spring guards, etc
  • Delivery: When do you require the hose